45 Rockefeller Plaza 3rd Fl., NYC 10111   We’ve Moved - New Location! (212) 532-9119

Bistro Caterers

We’re located at 45 Rockefeller Plaza 3rd Fl., New York, NY 10111. Give us a call at (212) 532-9119. We’ll deliver all over the city!

Bistro Caterers is not only the best spot in New York City to come pick up your breakfast, lunch or snacks throughout the day, but we also have a large, successful catering operation and take care of hundreds of customers each day for their business meetings, personal events and parties.

Our customer service is fantastic. We remember how you take your coffee in the morning when you’re too tired to tell us. We know what you like for lunch. We know what time to expect you to walk in every day!

Stop in and check it out — you won’t be disappointed!

Order Online, Call or Come By

You can stop in, call us to order a pick-up or delivery at (212) 532-9119, or order online!